Ruth Chapter No. 8

Worthy Matron
Sheila White
Worthy Patron
Howard Payne

Chartered: Wednesday, March 10, 1915

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About Ruth Chapter No. 8

In 1913, PM Minnie F. Conway of Miriam Chapter No. 4 thought another Eastern Star Chapter was needed in this Jurisdiction. Upon her suggestion, a meeting was called at her residence at 1906 3rd Street, NW, Washington, DC with GRP William A. Wells and her as the presiding officer. After several meetings, GRP Wells was petitioned for a dispensation to form a U.D. Chapter under the Grand Chapter. On June 12, 1914, Ruth Chapter No. 8 was organized and on Wednesday, March 10, 1915, Ruth Chapter No. 8 was chartered.

The Charter members were; Lillian Anderson, Mabel Anderson, Sallie Anderson, Josephine Beason, Sarah Burns, Julia B. Collier, Minerva G. Dabney (the mother of PGWM Ruth C. Smith), Amanda P. Forrest (the mother of PGWM Edna F. Browne), Annie Gardner, Roxie Gibson, Georgiana Gordon, Hattie C. Gray, Addie C. Greer, Katie Hill, Alma Jeffords, Gertrude Johnson, Marion S. Lewis, Ella Lofton, Ross Lucas, Lizzie Robinson, Mabel Robinson, Laura Ross, Julia Scott, Ruth Weatherless, Mamie Whitfield, Mary E. Williams and W. Henri Gordon. Sister Julia B. Collier served as the first Worthy Matron and Brother W. Henri Gordon served as the first Worthy Patron.

Ruth Chapter No. 8 has three Brother Lodges; St. John’s Lodge No. 12 became affiliated through the association of PM Minnie Conway and the wives of St. John’s Lodge. In 1959, Ruth Chapter under the leadership of PM Artiemishia Reddick and WM Luyco Holmes of Acacia Lodge No. 25 was the adoption of our second brother lodge. In June 1994, under the leadership of PM Harriet L. Anderson and WM David A. McWilliams, Sr. of Prudence Lodge No. 27 was the adoption of our third brother lodge. We are blessed to have Marjorie T. Lancaster Chapter No. 84, OES-PHA, Jurisdiction of Maryland as our first Sister Chapter and in 2007 under the leadership of now PM Edna Harvin Battle, Ruth Chapter #66, OES-PHA Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania was adopted as our second Sister Chapter.

Ruth Chapter is so proud to say that we have had two MWGM's to grace the MWPHGL: Cyrus Parker (1949-1945) and Donald Vowels (1979-1980). Sixteen members have been elevated to the highest position of Eastern Stardom.  Ruth Chapter No. 8 accomplished another milestone in dedicatory services whereby, two of its members became the first two Past Loyal Lady Rulers; PGL Lolita V. Moore in 2007/2008 and PGWM Ruth C. Smith in 2009 to serve consecutively as State Grand Loyal Lady Rulers of S. Matthew Ellis, Jr. State Grand Assembly, Order of the Golden Circle for the Orient of the District of Columbia. Notably speaking, ten years prior to PGL Moore appointment as State Grand Loyal Lady Ruler, she served as Grand Lecturer of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter in 1997 under the leadership of GWM Grace E. Vowels, her mother, who is currently our Chaplain.  Her sister, PM Cassandra D. Greene was Worthy Matron of our Chapter in 1993 Additionally, PGL Lolita V. Moore Served as the 2010 Grand Princess Commandress of Marie I. Smith Grand Court, Cyrene Crusaders and PGWM Ruth C. Smith being one of our oldest members served as our Chapter Assistant Secretary and the Grand CCFC in the Grand Chapter for the past 18 years (appointed in 1995 by PGWM Audrey R. Underwood).  Ruth Chapter No. 8 is very proud to have members serving in other capacities throughout the jurisdiction. We are especially elated and give honor to our members with fifty or more years of service in our Chapter. They are: PM Essie Adair (57), PM Ruby Brown (56), Sister Julia Fanning (56), PM Mildred Raby (57), PGWM Ruth C. Smith (63),& PM Mary Stafford (56).  In 2017 PM Donna Barnes served as  Grand Princess Commandress of Marie I. Smith Grand Court, Cyrene Crusaders.  PM Edna Harvin Battle currently serves in that position.



Grand Worthy Matrons                                 Grand Worthy Patrons


1923 - Marian Stewart Lewis                           1920 - W.Henri Gordon

1932 - Josephine C. Butts                               1933 - Edward Weyms

1956 - Evelyn L. Thomas                                1946 - Rudolph S. Steward

1965 - Cordelia J. Williams                             1958 - Julian F. Browne

1979 - Edna F. Brown                                    1964 - Oswald Cross

1983 - Ruth C. Smith                                     1968 - Jesse W. Brown

1990 - Ellen D. Barnes                                   1978 - William R. Smith

1997 - Grace E. Vowels                                  1991 - Reginald King





1920                 PGWP HENRI GORDON *

1923                 PGWM MARIAN LEWIS *

1932                 PGWM JOSEPHINE C. BUTTS *

                        PGL EFFIE STEWART *

1933                 PGWP EDWARD A. WEYMS *

1946                 PGWP RUDOLPH A. STEWART *

                         PAGL MARIA IVORY *

1956                 PGWM EVELYN L. THOMAS *

                        PGL CORDELIA J. WILLIAMS *

1957                 PGWP JULIAN F. BROWNE *

1964                 PGWP OSWALD CROSS *

1965                 PGWP CORDELIA J. WILLIAMS *

                         PGL FLORENCE E. FOREMAN *

1968                 PGWP JESSE BROWN *

                        PAGL DESSIE K. MORTON *

1978                 PGWP WILLIAM R. SMITH *

                        PAGL RUTH C. SMITH

1979                 PGWM EDNA F. BROWNE *

                        PGL MATTYE S. HOLMES *

1983                 PGWM RUTH C. SMITH

                        PGL ELLEN D. BARNES *

1990                 PGWM ELLEN D. BARNES *

                        PGL GRACE E. VOWELS *

1992                 PGWP REGINALD KING

                        PAGL WILLIE M. BAYLOR*

1997                 PGWM GRACE E. VOWELS *

                        PGL LOLITA V. MOORE     




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