Queen Esther Chapter No. 1

Worthy Matron
Worthy Patron
PGWP Leonard L. Young


Meeting Date and Time: 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm

Elected Officers

Associate Matron

Associate Patron


Associate Conductress


PGWM Dianne M. Streat

Sister Mary Little-Irvin

Sister Betty Spann

Trustee(South) (2ys)
PM Geraldine T. Bacon


Trustee(North) (1y)
PM Brenda M. Huff



About Queen Esther Chapter No. 1

Queen Esther Chapter No. 1, OES, PHA, the first Chapter for Negro Women, was founded by Sister Georgiana Henson Thomas and was organized in her home by Brother  Thornton A. Jackson on December 1, 1874.  Brother Jackson was a member of Pythagoras Lodge No. 9, F. & A.M.  He received the degree of Adoptive Rite of the Eastern Star on August 10, 1874 from Brother C.B. Chase, a deputy of Robert McCoy, 33rd, the Supreme Patron of the Rite of Adoption. From its inception and until the organization of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter in 1892, Queen Esther Chapter was under the complete directives of Pythagoras Lodge No. 9, F. & A.M.

Queen Esther Chapter No. 1 is the second Eastern Star Chapter to be organized in the entire United States of America, the first being Alpha Chapter for White Women.  Sister Martha Welch served as Queen Esther's first Worthy Matron and Brother Thornton A. Jackson served as Worthy Patron. Queen Esther was presented its first badges - known as Rosettes - by its first Worthy Patron, Thornton A. Jackson.  Worthy Patron Jackson wished the Chapter success and prosperity in their work and admonished the members of this great Chapter to wear the Rosettes with honor and dignity, being ever mindful of the characters of the five heroines of our Order - Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa. Pythagoras was Queen Esther's first Brother Lodge.  Two additional Brother Lodges, Social Lodge No. 1 and Fellowship Lodge No. 26, have since been adopted by Queen Esther.

Many distinguished Sisters and Brothers of Queen Esther have made great strides in this jurisdiction.  The very first was Sister Georgiana Henson Thomas, after whom the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter was named; Sister Marie I. Smith, for whom the Marie I. Smith Cyrene Crusaders took their name.  The Phyllis S. Byrd Youth Fraternity was named after PGWM Phyllis

  1. Byrd, who after much dedication and hard work, earned the title of Past International Grand Worthy Matron. The Edward E. Marshall, Jr. Assembly No. 18, Order of the Golden Circle, PHA, was named in honor of our 2nd Most Worshipful Grand Master, MWPGM Edward E. Marshall, Jr. We also love to boast that as the Mother Chapter, we can claim four (4) Most Worshipful Grand Masters:   Thomas Johnson; Edward E. Marshall, Jr.; Roland D. Williams; and Emory M. Levant.  Fifteen (15) Grand Worthy Matrons:  Georgiana Henson Thomas; Nellie E. Morgan; Georgiana Cleaves; Mary A. Parker; Emma P. Williams; Minnie Smoot; Phyllis S. Byrd; Louise Becks; Martha S. Bailey; Marion Clifford; Rosa E. Murray; Clarisse V. Strong; Jane Robinson-Levant, who served as the Centennial Grand Worthy Matron in 1992; Dianne Marshall Streat; and Patricia L. Young.  Twelve (12) Grand Worthy Patrons:  Thornton A. Jackson;  James O. Bampfield; Henry

Coleman;  Elais G. Evans; Royal W. Bailey;  Harry Thompson;  James F. Lee;  Grant  L. Strong; George W. Romeo; Phillip E. Blakey; Nathaniel W. Lawrence, Sr.; and Leonard L. Young.  Eight (8) Grand Lecturers: Rosetta Dutch; Eloise A. Thomas; Bessie E. Lee; Lillian McNeil; Loretta S. Mason; Dianne Marshall Streat; Patricia L. Young; and Brenda E. Makins.  Six (6) Assistant Grand Lecturers: Willa Jefferson; Rosetta B. Jones; Mary A. Romeo; Mary E. Blakey; Lula M. Campbell; and Bonita L. Bell.  One (1) Grand Financial Secretary, Verdell G. Gainor (Grand Financial Secretary Emeritus); one (1) Grand Treasurer, Lettie R. Gaskins (Grand Treasurer Emeritus); One hundred twenty-eight (128) Worthy Matrons, thirty (30) Worthy Patrons and four (4) Worthy Matrons by demit.

The rich history and legacy created by our founding Sisters and Brothers of Queen Esther Chapter No. 1 lives on in the hearts and souls of its members.          




Appointed Officers

Assistant Secretary
PM Carolyn Hunter

Sister Wanda Dixon

Sister Shelly Blackston

Sister Priscilla Merritt

Sister April Miller

Sister Donna Crummer

Sister Myrtle Morris


Bro. Warren Crummer

Christian Flag
PM Barbara Dixon,

OES Flag
Sister Joyce Hudgins

Bro. Bennie Campbell