Naomi Chapter No. 9

Worthy Matron
PGWM Barbara E. Murray
Worthy Patron
PMWPGM J. Raymond Murray

Chartered: Wednesday, March 10, 1915

Meeting Date and Time: First Friday of every month at 7:00 PM

Elected Officers

Associate Matron
Rev. Rosemarie Jones

Associate Patron
PP James K. Saunders III

Stephanie E. Murray-Williams

Associate Conductress
Terrie L. Matthews


Dorothy J. Reese

Annie M. Williams (pro-tem)

Diane A. Grant

Trustee(South) (2ys)
GTRUSE Nancy D. Carter


Trustee(North) (1y)
PM Lynette Gravely-Campbell



About Naomi Chapter No. 9

How It Began
Naomi Chapter No. 9, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation, started as a club. The first meeting was held at the residence of Sister Mary Barton, 1504 Kingsman Place, NW. Present at the meeting were Sisters Beatrice B. Bland, Costenia B. Weyms, Hattie P. Dillard, Susie B. G. Green, Olivia B. J. Street and Brothers John R. Dillard, Thomas G. Ghee, and James M. H. Young. Brother James M. H. Young explained that the purpose of the meeting was to organize a new Eastern Star Chapter. At the second meeting on March 26, 1919, the club was named “Naomi.” Officers were elected as follows:

James M. H. Young President
Hattie P. Dillard Treasurer
Olivia B. J. Street Secretary

As the club membership grew from 8 to 43, meetings were held regularly rotating to different members’ homes. With Brother James M. H. Young officiating, 41 members received all three degrees. Brother Young, at that time, was a member of Datcher Chapter No. 7 but later demitted to Naomi Chapter. Sister Olivia B. J. Street demitted from Star of Love Chapter No. 190, Enfield, NC. All persons who attended the first club meeting became members of Naomi Chapter except Brother John R. Dillard.
The members of Naomi petitioned Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter for a Charter and it was granted. The last club meeting and investigation, by the Grand Chapter, was held at the home of Brother Thomas G. Ghee and Sister Fannie Edwards, 1322 U Street, NW.
Naomi Chapter was constituted and dedicated January 20, 1920.
Naomi Chapter received its Charter on May 27, 1920.
Naomi’s first Royal Matron and Royal Patron were Beatrice B. Bland and James M. H. Young. They were appointed by the Grand Chapter in 1919.
▪ Naomi Chapter No. 9 Grand Officers 1932 - 2019
Naomi Chapter No. 9 first Grand Worthy Patron was John W. Charleston (1932). First Grand Worthy Matron was Anna V. Brooks (1936).

Naomi Chapter No. 9 has had 8 Grand Worthy Matrons, 7 Grand Worthy Patrons, 1 Associate Grand Patron, 2 Grand Treasurers, 2 Grand Trustees, 7 Grand Lecturers, and 7 Assistant Grand Lecturers of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter. Additionally, 5 of Naomi’s brothers have served as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, Prince Hall Affiliation of the District of Columbia.


1932 GWP John W. Charleston*
1936 GWM Anna V. Brooks*
1940 GWP Melvin J. Keys*
1941 AGL Alcinda B. Lyles*
1943 GWP Frederick W. Alston*

GWM Olive T. Nixon*

GL Jeanette Scruggs* 

GWM Olive T. Nixon*

GL Jeanette Scruggs*

1947 – 1948 MWGM Melvin J. Keys*
1948 AGL Beatrice G. McMillan*
1952 AGL Ercell G. Brown*

GWM Alice E. Harrison*

GL Edith S. Bryson*

 1959 – 1960 MWGM William W. Barnes*

GWM Minnie L. Banks*

GL Alice Bruce*


GWP Robert L. McNair*

AGL Mary Frances Allen


GWM Anelda J. Wilson*

GL Anna M. Hart Pinellas


GWP Ronald A. Boykin

AGL Audrey W. Robinson

1988 – 1992 GTRUS Etta Murphy*
1995 GWM Audrey Robinson Underwood GL Jean S. Melvin
1995 – 2000 GT Barbara Twyman Jones
1997 – 1998 MWGM Warren R. Whitley

GWP Robert A. King

AGL Barbara Twyman Jones

2003 AGP Frank D. Gaskins, Sr.*
2003 – 2004

GWP John T. Doles, Sr.

AGL Nancy D. Carter

2005 – 2006

GWM Ada A. Whitley

GL Barbara E. Murray

2005 – 2014 GTRUS Nancy D. Carter
2007 – 2008 MWGM J. Raymond Murray
2013 – 2014

MWGM John T. Doles, Sr.

GWM Barbara E. Murray

GL Regina L. Singletary*

2013 GT Gloria E. Brown 


Appointed Officers

Assistant Secretary

Renee F. Pullen

PM Barbara J. Clark (pro tem)



Rahshell (Shelly) M. Crooks

Deanna B. Echols

Luella E. Price

PM Rosalie E. Powell

Christian Flag
Deonna T. Stevenson

OES Flag
Kayla C. Williams

PP Ira E. N. Stohlman


Emeritus Officer
Jordina E. Chandler

PGL Jean S. Melvin
PGT Barbara Twyman Jones (PAGL)
GTRUSE Nancy D. Carter (PAGL)
PGWM Ada A. Whitley
GT Gloria E. Brown
PM Ardelle D. Butler